Interactive Boards

Interactive whiteboards designed for business use are a natural fit in companies large and small. Meetings and presentations are, all too often, inefficient and unproductive, and it usually has to do with the way information is being delivered.

Dry erase boards, printed notes, idle talk – if company managers and trainers want to leave an impression, these are not the tools to do it with.

More than ever, people respond to technology, so the best way to keep students and employees engaged is with a solution integrated by Data Projections. We specialize in the most robust boards on the market, including the popular SMART BOARD line of products.

With SMART technology, our clients can improve their communications with the best interactive whiteboards designed for business.

Some of the impressive features this technology offers include

Simple touch controls that eliminate the need to remain attached to a keyboard or other tool. A trainer or manager can navigate through a presentation with nothing but a simple flick, and with a camera tied to the system, a presenter doesn’t even have to make contact with the board.

Excellent media sharing and presentation capabilities. Anything that can be displayed on a PC can be displayed through the system. That’s because the board is connected to a PC, and anything placed on the PC’s desktop is relayed through the projector. With a couple gestures, a presenter can share videos, high resolution images, and photos.

Dynamic presentation quality that is much more engaging. With media and the Internet at the presenter’s fingertips, it will be much easier to keep meeting members focused on the discussion. A high quality display makes the task even easier.

Data Projections can help clients set up the perfect interactive whiteboards for their business, and ensure the system continues to meet expectations with ongoing support and maintenance.

We have high quality services that you will surely love!