SECURITY SYSTEMS Your network can help your business innovate and adapt to the demands of today's marketplace.

Network Access Control

Businesses today embrace the idea of anywhere, anytime connectivity, but often ignore the need for secure network access control.

Many employ a “laid back NAC” solution. Others choose the same vendor for security and network infrastructure. Both these approaches give the illusion of security, even compliance, but in reality, leave extensive security gaps.

  • What’s on my network?
  • Can I limit mobile devices without limiting productivity
  • increasing security risks?
  • How do I unify internal and external security
  • DDC can help you to find out how you can improve your end-to-end security across your enterprise.

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IT Compliance

Compliance is not an issue until it becomes the mother of all issues.

IT compliance usually refers to two areas: how well a company follows its own rules (internal compliance), and how well a company follows the rules imposed on it by outside groups (external compliance). Both are important and can impose restrictions on a business.

We have our expertise in assisting our clients to achieve global standards which define the requirements for an Information Security Management System (ISMS) by ensuring adequate and proportionate IT security controls. DDC accomplish this by excelling the below processes.

We have high quality services that you will surely love!